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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a Worthy Investment

In today’s highly competitive digital marketplace, you need expert SEO services if you want to see dramatic improvements in your brand’s search engine results. With decades of experience in SEO, Buzz Spirit Marketing SEO understands the challenges that brands face while trying to navigate the rough waters of modern digital marketing. That’s why we combine strategic on-page techniques with organic outreach. Our approach is to develop unique, effective search engine optimization strategies for clients who understand the long-term value in SEO.

Buzz Spirit Marketing SEO Services Include:

Our Experienced SEO Agency

All expert SEO campaigns start with an audit and a strategy. Through the audit process, we are able to identify website bugs, market pain points and content gaps holding back your brand’s online success.

Buzz Spirit Marketing SEO services start by collecting data and analyzing the information. Then we guide your company through our recommendations. Once a strategy has been agreed upon, we will fulfill the SEO campaign each month and report back on the results.

We love SEO because it’s data driven work. This means we can use our knowledge to develop the strategy and the data to drive it.

From competitive analysis and keyword research to on-page optimization and meta data, Buzz Spirit Marketing uses in-depth data analysis to determine the best strategies for our clients long term success.

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Organic SEO Growth Campaigns

Expert and effective SEO is not a one-time-only deal. You can’t set it and forget it. SEO requires on-going research, testing, tracking and adjusting. Each business, website and marketing strategy is unique – no cookie cutter solutions here! Instead, our clients get a full SEO audit, custom strategy and report each month.

An Organic SEO Campaign Typically Includes a Retainer for:

  • A review of the website analytics, checking improvements and milestones
  • A full website audit followed by updates to technical issues on the site
  • Adding content to the site along with keyword rich meta optimization
  • Local SEO management, on-site as well as reviewing insights from the Google My Business account
  • Organic marketing and outreach for link building
  • SEO Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Reporting
  • A strategy that gets RESULTS!

Properly Optimized Websites Rule Search Clicks

Did you know that 70% of the links search users click on are organic? How well does your website rank with Google?



Any business looking for an effective digital marketing strategy should invest into SEO. Google alone processes over 40,000 searches per second, which equates to over 3.5 billion search queries a day and 1.2 trillion searches per year globally.

SEO is the practice of increasing your visibility with search engines in order to get more traffic to your site. If your website is not optimized and ranking for the keywords important to your brand, you are missing out on a lot of potential traffic from billions of daily searches.

However, SEO can take time. Brands may need to consider their immediate goals, budgets and prioritize their needs before deciding to make a full investment in SEO.

SEO is a major investment of time and resources. It’s complex work that requires deep knowledge, experience and skill. The upside to this investment is that SEO delivers significant, sustainable results. However, if your company is searching for a quick fix, SEO just isn’t the way to go. Here are a few questions for decision-makers to consider:

  1. Strategy: Would SEO strategies be limited by your timeframe?
  2. Resources: Will budget constrains lead to corner cutting down the road?
  3. Competition: Can you realistically outrank your competition?
  4. Website and Marketing Assets: Do you have a readily marketable website and shareable assets?
  5. New Product: Is there a healthy stream of web users searching for your product?

SEO is still one of the most powerful marketing channels online today. However, companies can’t unlock SEO’s full potential if the process is undermined by budget or timeline conflicts.

If you need to hit a certain sales volume in a short timeframe, for example, your company would greatly benefit from a paid ad campaign or direct marketing services.

Not sure if expert SEO services are right for your brand? Fill out the form below and one of our SEO advisors will review your needs and setup time to discuss if SEO is a good fit. Our experts can recommend other effective digital marketing services if SEO is not right for your project at this time.

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to implementing an expert SEO strategy. That’s because the ranks within search engine results are fiercely competitive, even more so as you approach the top spots. A company that starts using a finely tuned SEO strategy will still need to be patient as their new solutions take effect. The following variables will also determine how long you’ll have to wait to see your SEO investments payoff:

  • How much will you invest? Throwing money at SEO won’t necessarily get you results more quickly, but it’s important to remember that your competition can offset your own SEO gains by simply outspending you and improving their own.
  • How competitive is your market? If you’re the first member of a niche industry to jump onto the SEO train, your results will start to take affect much more quickly. Conversely, if all of your competitive are fighting to rank for the same keywords, your path to a top ranking will be longer.
  • Is your site already ranking for certain keywords? No need to start from scratch if you don’t have to. By undergoing an SEO audit, your company can determine if your site is already ranking for key search terms. You’ll see quicker result is your company has a head start on the process.

Want more details about how quickly your company could see results after implementing SEO? Reach out to us to schedule an SEO audit. This comprehensive review provides priceless insights regarding your company’s online presence and search engine performance.

Learn more in this blog post from our CEO, Jenny Stradling: How Long Does SEO Take and Is It Worth It?

One of the biggest misconceptions that companies have about SEO is assuming that rankings and traffic volume are the ultimate goal of digital marketing. These metrics are certainly important measures of success, but the real goal of digital marketing is to increase the number of qualified leads that visit a company’s website and convert to clients. With this in mind, an increase in user engagement, lead generation and (ultimately) sales are all examples of realistic goals for SEO.

In reality, many of the minor tasks associated with a comprehensive SEO strategy can be done by members of your staff. Whether it’s adding alt texts to images or working in keywords to blog headers, this level of implementation can certainly be accomplished in-house.

That being said, these strategies won’t be effective unless your staff has the know-how to deploy them strategically. Chances are that members of your company may not be familiar with the common tools used to track, measure and analyze SEO results. Investing in the services of an expert eliminates this guesswork. Instead, you and your company can focus on enhancing the brand.

Eminent SEO has helped companies to refine their digital marketing strategies for over a decade. Reach out to us if you have more questions about SEO and how much more your company can do with a little help.

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