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Build Customer Relationships with Professional Custom Email Marketing Strategy.

If you are not sending out strategic emails and company newsletters, you are missing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity. It doesn’t matter if your company has a developed email list or has just started collecting email addresses through your website, there is immediate value to putting more time and effort into your email marketing strategy.

Here at Eminent SEO, we offer email marketing services to help you stay in constant contact with your prospects, supply them with enticing offers and share useful information about your company. A smart email marketing campaign includes great branding, impactful design, focused content and established tracking metrics. We can help you do it all.

Buzz Spirit Marketing Why Choose Us?

Full-Service Management

We pride ourselves on transparency. With our detailed processes and expert project management, you will always know the status and progress of your email marketing campaigns.

Comprehensive Strategy

Our data-driven strategies revolve around identifying your audience, building and auditing your email marketing lists, and meticulously creating cohesive campaigns that drive email open rates.

In-House Content & Design Teams.

We ae email marketing experts, Our team deeply understands the unique intricacies of email marketing, delivering optimal content and impressive visuals.

Various Industries

We work with 150+ clients across a wide range of industries, providing best-in-class solutions for all our clients.

Advanced Deliverability

We focus on implementing our tired-and-true best practices, ensuring your emails skip the junk folder and go straight to your audience's inbox.

Coding, Testing & Deployment

Consistent monitoring of KPIs helps us know when to pivot and try a new strategy.

Analysis & Optimization

As a team that relies on metrics to inform our decisions, we track items including opens, clicks, bounces, conversions and more.

Expert Staff

With more than a decade of focused experience in email marketing, consistently leading the industry and utilizing various certifications to offer you a comprehensive array of solutions.


Ignite Visibility’s email marketing services offer a comprehensive approach to increasing your open and click-through rates while building your brand identity and nurturing relationships with your target audience. 

By nurturing prospective, current, and former customer relationships through a strategic email marketing strategy, you’ll start to see increased conversion rates, higher incremental revenue, and added value to your existing marketing efforts.

Our team specializes in helping companies realize their desired ROI by pairing email & SMS marketing through a holistic strategy that will deliver the right message, at the right time, through the right channel.

For your email marketing to be successful, you have to give your readers what they want at the precise time. When you work with the Ignite Visibility team, we’ll track important KPIs and use the data to make decisions about your email marketing strategy to locate leads, nurture your existing customer base, and convert additional prospects and returning customers.

Our email automation services are designed to deliver behaviorally-triggered messages that meet your audience where they are in their sales funnel journey. They will work to boost your conversion rates and build a strong and sustainable email and SMS marketing database.

The majority of email readers view content on their phones. In order to get the most out of your email marketing services, all of your messages should be designed for mobile viewing. All of Ignite Visibility’s expert email marketing campaigns are optimized for desktop, tablet, or mobile viewing. Our email agency works with hundreds of clients a month to deliver content that converts – no matter where it’s viewed or how it’s read.


Building your email marketing and SMS lists is essential to a strong, stable, and engaged customer base. Let our full service email marketing agency develop a strategy that will add valuable, high-quality subscribers to your growing list of prospects.

Using our years of experience and knowledge, as well as the latest digital marketing trends, we’ll establish a strategy to attract new potential customers to your email and SMS marketing list.


Increased brand recognition relies on cohesive campaigns. Your dedicated email marketing consultants will develop, plan, and execute campaigns that are aligned with your branding, written in your voice, and matched to your visual style. We’ll match your email campaigns to your SMS ones to ensure your brand identity flows perfectly between the two.

We’ll take a look at what you’ve done in the past and what you’re doing now to pinpoint key areas for improvement, identify opportunities, and customize a solution that will help you acquire, convert, and retain customers. 


Our email marketing services aim to help brands attract qualified customers, keep them interested, and set the stage for increased conversions. As an ROI driven agency, we use metrics to inform our decisions and track items like opens, clicks, bounces, conversions and more.

Additionally, we’ll focus on email design and coding, as well as deliverability, to ensure that your messages bypass spam filters and make their way to their intended recipients.


Our Strategic Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing can range from a monthly company newsletter to a sophisticated lead capture and nurturing strategy with automated workflows targeting different types of buyers. Our agency can develop a custom email marketing strategy that is personalized for your existing list. Don’t have a list? No sweat.
Buzz Spirit Marketing Web Design Process


We provide all of our email marketing service clients with an overarching program strategy development. We work to identify key communication points within their customer journey and include a complementary blend of consistent calendar cadence and a strategic initiative roadmap outlining prioritized program opportunities.


Necessary to capitalize on traffic driven by acquisition channels, our email marketing services team prioritizes building and/or optimizing all on-site lead captures to maximize conversion rates and increase list growth rates.


Our expert email marketing strategists work closely with clients to develop a consistent send cadence. Readers will look forward to receiving messages that are packed with valuable content to keep subscribers engaged and nurture leads to convert while concurrently mitigating deliverability risks with send best practices.


When compared to batch emails, behaviorally-triggered automations drive a whopping 624% higher conversion response for the same number of sends. Our team prioritizes the development of the highest impact behaviorally-triggered and data-driven automations to reach customers at key points within your sales funnel.


Our email & SMS marketing team ensures list hygiene best practices are put in place on day one. We will also continue to utilize engagement data to keep subscriber send segments clean and avoid deliverability issues. We also use subscriber data to personalize sends for maximum engagement and conversion.


Our email marketing strategy team will consistently monitor your KPIs and readjust your strategy when necessary. Our deliverability best practices ensure that your emails always make it to your audience’s inboxes. To avoid landing in junk folders or on blocklists, we’ll monitor, identify and fix any deliverability issues before they cause major issues.

Deliver your marketing message right to your customer

Did you know that 91% of consumers check their email daily?

Email is a powerful channel of marketing that helps drive turn leads into customers. 


Buzz Spirit Marketing Website Design and Development Services

Effective website design goes hand-in-hand with good website development. Your website is your brand’s main point of contact, and a custom web design optimized for your niche is essential. While developing your website, Buzz Spirit Marketing takes into consideration your company’s aesthetic, consumer demographics, and budget to present a cohesive and stunningly designed custom website. 



It’s not strange to wonder if there’s a way around the complex process of building a reliable, responsive email list for marketing purposes. Why not just buy a list of emails and start firing off emails until you bring in a few leads?

The main reason your company would want to avoid simply buying an email list is because there’s no guarantee that these lists will grow. Only a fraction of the random individuals who receive the email will respond, and an even smaller percentage of these responders will be legitimate leads. Once your company runs out of funds, this approach to email marketing evaporates as well.

Growing a list of individuals who are interested in your industry and curious about your service is a better way to go. This organic approach focuses on building a community of interested consumers and connecting them to your company. This pool of potential customers will remain even after your marketing budget dries up, ensuring that these efforts reward your company with long-term value. 

Your company recognizes the value of email marketing services, but you still aren’t sure exactly how the organic approach plays out. Here’s a quick sample of the many ways that Eminent SEO can help your company build an extensive email list:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Gated assets
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs

By thinking outside the box, your company can think of all sorts of innovative ways to engage with customers and encourage them to share their email. 

At the end of the day, the value of your company’s newsletter and email campaigns is tied to how much effort and resources were put into them. If your company is sending out emails or newsletters because it feels like an obligation, there’s a good chance that these updates are being sent to just a few loyal followers. In cases like these, the idea of a newsletter or email campaign seems less necessary.

On the other hand, property executed newsletters and email campaigns represent huge opportunities for companies to solidify their brand and interact with customers directly. These types of interactions can translate to major returns for your company. That’s why newsletters and email campaigns should be overlooked. 

When it comes to measuring the impact of our email marketing services, we always prioritize results as the #1 measure of our performance. If we aren’t hitting the goals or metrics we set for the campaign, we begin to adjust and refine the messaging. Here are a few of the ways we evaluate the success of our email marketing campaigns:

  • Open Rates
  • Click Through Rates
  • Conversions
  • Customer responses 

IP addresses are the backbone of email senders’ reputations. Internet service providers judge IP address reputations to determine if your emails arrive in the inbox or if they will be diverted to a junk folder. Most large email providers manage the setup of your IP address and will host you on an IP with other senders who have similar engagement profiles. Your deliverability may be negatively impacted if another sender in your IP address pool blasts out to a purchased email list without prior opt-in consent. That’s why email providers monitor opt-out profiles carefully and also why larger businesses choose to select dedicated IP addresses even for different segments of email communication between prospects, transactional customers, and lapsed customers.

It is a common practice to warm up a new IP address by steadily throttling email sends that will distinguish you as a legitimate email sender. Steady increases in volume are better received than large mail list drops. As an email deliverability agent, we recommended 15% email list size increments. Rates of email bounce and spam reports should be monitored closely and strategically controlled.

Buying an email list comes with many risks and challenges. Even though it is technically legal per CAN-SPAM regulations to send emails to addresses in the United States without prior opt-in, the practice of sending such cold introduction emails will most likely get you restricted from major ESP providers.

Most email marketing agencies will achieve a better ROI through the site and social opt-in gateways where subscribers give the brand their consent to be contacted. Not only does this mean its less chance of your email being marked as spam, but it also means that the subscriber is actually interested in your content.

The worldwide number of email accounts has been growing steadily, and consumers have shown that they very rarely abandon accounts. Marketers are finding that they are 6 times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than a social media post. Transactional automated email campaigns typically have more than an 8 times increase in open rates and a 6-time increase in additional contributing revenue. Automated email messages average over 70% higher open rates and over 150% higher click through rates than batch email blast campaigns.

Ecommerce: Klaviyo

For retail and ecommerce businesses, personalized communication and customer engagement are key. Klaviyo offers robust features that allow you to create targeted email and SMS campaigns based on customer behavior, purchase history, and preferences. Its seamless integration with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify ensures that you can deliver tailored messages that drive conversions.

Small Business and Startups: Mailchimp

Small businesses and startups often need a user-friendly solution that provides both basic email marketing and automation capabilities. Mailchimp is renowned for its intuitive interface, making it an ideal choice for those who are new to email marketing. It offers a range of templates, automation tools, and analytics to help you grow your business efficiently.

Business to Business (B2B): HubSpot

For B2B companies that require true CRM capabilities alongside email marketing, HubSpot is a powerful option. Its integrated CRM and marketing tools enable you to nurture leads, track interactions, and personalize communications effectively. HubSpot empowers B2B businesses to build strong relationships and streamline their sales and marketing processes.

Enterprise: Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Bloomreach

Enterprise-level businesses demand sophisticated marketing solutions. Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of tools for advanced campaign management, customer segmentation, and analytics. For a holistic approach that combines marketing and commerce, Bloomreach provides a seamless experience, enabling large-scale enterprises to deliver consistent, personalized messaging across channels.

Additional Platforms:

  • Campaign Monitor: Known for its beautiful templates and advanced automation capabilities, Campaign Monitor is an excellent choice for businesses looking to create visually appealing campaigns and track engagement effectively.
  • Constant Contact: With an array of customizable templates and user-friendly features, Constant Contact is well-suited for businesses that want to maintain a strong online presence and build lasting customer relationships.

Email marketing benchmarks or KPIs to follow include: 

  • Inbox placement rate
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Spam report rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Attributed channel revenue

When you work with Ignite Visibility, you’ll be working with a full service email marketing agency that will not only track these KPIs but also analyze them and use the data to improve your email marketing strategy.

The most effective email marketing strategy for 2024 is one that is customized to your brand’s specific needs and the preferences of your audience. After your initial consultation, your email marketing consultant will work to develop a customized email & SMS marketing strategy that will get you the ROI you’ve been looking for.

You’ll see an increase in your click rate when you produce content your audience wants to see and is relevant to them. Email automations, such as abandoned cart emails and welcome emails, also tend to see higher click through and conversion rates because they are going to audiences that have already shown interest in your product or service. Working with an email marketing agency will help you increase your click rate and deliver consistent content your audience will love.

The amount of marketing emails you send depends on a number of factors. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience but you don’t want them to feel abandoned either. An expert email marketing strategist will be able to help you develop a content strategy and schedule that will work best for you.


Email marketing is important because, unlike your social media platforms, you own your email and SMS list. Unless the users unsubscribe, you will always have a way to contact and connect with them. While social media marketing is great in its own right, at any moment, things could change, and you could lose that connection with your clientele. 

When implemented correctly, email marketing is extremely effective. If you are not sure how to introduce email marketing to your content marketing strategy, reach out to schedule a free consultation call with an email marketing agency, such as Ignite Visibility.


Email marketing is one of the most widely used channels in digital marketing. By using email marketing, advertisers are able to reach their target audience directly. It’s a great way to nurture relationships with clients and prospective clients, welcome back old clients, introduce new products, or alert a list of customers to particular sales or events.

The average open rate for email marketing varies across industries, but according to Campaign Monitor, the average email open rate is 21.5%. Keep in mind that, thanks to the recent iOS update, open rates are no longer as reliable as they once were. If you need help to increase your open rate or want more information on which KPIs you should track instead, reach out to the email marketing team at Ignite to schedule a consultation today.

Arriving in your customers’ inboxes can sometimes be harder than it seems. To avoid ending up in the Spam folder or on a blocked list, work with an email deliverability agency that will monitor and identify issues before they cause problems with your sends.

Email marketing is incredibly successful for small businesses. It is a great way for entrepreneurs and other business owners to keep in touch with their customers, nurture relationships with past, current, and potential clients, and build brand awareness.


The email marketing team at Ignite Visibility works with a variety of email service providers, or ESPs. After we learn more about your brand and your goals, we can recommend a specific one that will fit your brand.

An email marketing agency will work with you to develop a strategy that will keep your customers excited about opening your emails. When you work with Ignite, we provide full-service strategic email and SMS management. This includes a full email program audit, a modular responsive email template, ongoing strategic management, copywriting and creative support, monthly and quarterly reporting, ongoing deliverability monitoring, and the deployment of email campaigns and SMS messages. The level of support is customized depending on your specific needs.

Since email marketing strategies are highly customized, the cost to hire an email marketing agency varies depending on the size of your business, your goals, and your needs. To get the most accurate information, reach out to us! We are happy to have a consultation to learn more about your business’s needs.


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